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Agnes Landford
BSHS 322

My Beliefs, Values and Clinical Gestalt Paper
Communication Skills for the Human Services Professional
BSHS 321
May 29, 2011
According to (Manip,? 2009). ???Gestalt is commonly used during healthcare decision-making, namely because this method allows a quick global interpretation within seconds of data collection. This process is considered ???top down???; i.e., clinicians organize data in a manner that creates the most coherent, seamless, perception possible. Germane to this assumption are the number of Gestalt perceptual principles which assist the decision-maker in collating perceptual inputs. A modern version that uses related associative principles is the classification of disorders into common diagnostic or prescriptive traits.???
In this field of Human services management, education, respect, reliability, and personal growth are part of what is require of me. It requires thorough evaluation of my beliefs, values, and how I reevaluate my own personal growth. ?  It does require dignity, honesty, ethics, and how to help others. ? 
The important requirements of being a human service worker is to be aware of how to use body, language, like nonverbal and verbal and the tone of your voice and how it will be perceived by others. I should know my? limitations and recognize situations that I think may not be effective.
The reason or purpose for human service worker is to assist the client, and as a Human service professional I am here to help people in every states community with different problems, and one of the requirements, is awareness which, leads to a clinician acquiring skills to implement, planning, intervention, and evaluation.
In exercise 1.4, I was asked to identify my personal value and beliefs. ? I found it hard to write such personal things down on paper, it took a great deal of self-evaluation and thought. I was raised in a strict and traditional Christian family. ?  I was taught to always speak the truth, and never steal, or hurt someone.
I took most of those values and apply it in my life, and they play major role in my life today. My goal as human service professional is to assist individuals in meeting his or her basic physical and emotional needs, when he or she cannot meet it on his or her own. I should know in this field, there will be clients who maybe hard to accept as a clinician, and I will come across clients who hold; his or her belief , values, cultural background, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or some criminal past which are unfamiliar to me which, and I do not necessarily agree with. ? 
It is essential to recognize the area, which affects the client most, so I can help him or her work toward helping him or herself. In general I consider myself a relatively empathetic individual, but even I know that this is not true in all cases. This is a very daunting task and it requires looking deep within me and exploring feelings and beliefs that the client feels strongly about.
A person belief, values, past experiences, and cultural beliefs help shape the way he or she is or were. Sometimes there are times in my life when these systems of beliefs and values are challenged, and questioned, and I will have to be forced to deal with them head on. It is important to know that by recognizing the individual I am not condoning his or her behavior. The important thing to keep in mind when my values are challenged is to be aware of my values and how it may influence the repose to clients in ways that may leave him or her feeling unaccepted or accepted. I must be dedicated, nonjudgmental, and unconditionally accepting people for whom they are without necessarily acceptance of their behaviors.
The larger society and system context in my life is that my economic status has not improve, and I am working longer hours which, is not allowing my husband and I to spend more time with our children., and that is having an effect on our family, our children spend more time with their uncle and it is hurting our relationship with our kids. Clients I may work with I do not know, but I will be prepared to work with any clients who need help from me, but if I am to choose I will like to work with the elderly, and batter women.
I am a mother of three daughters, ages 22, 7, and 4years, until 20 years ago; I was fighting for survival when I was helped. I decided to become a human service provider even before I ever thought of children. I found myself reaching out to others for help and not receiving the help I needed in return. I decided I would become a human service provider when I realized the help that I needed and was not anywhere to be found. As stated previously I should be prepared to have strong goals to help others that may have or are dealing with problems or situations that he or she can not do on his or her own. I should be ready to work in this field with all that I have because human service professionals are needed in a wide range of problems solving area. I have seen situations in my life which I experienced, and probably should not have had to be faced with.
I believe these situations have given me an insight into what others will and have already dealt with in their own lives. I found myself reaching out to help people because I was help before. My working experience with the UN helps me see the bad and good side of human being. I learn how to deal with different people with diverse culture, and characters that any could imagine.
I dealt with murders, victims of torture, rape, and religious torment. I will like to improve my acceptance of people religious view and not be judgmental because that was something I had problem with why dealing with people of the Muslim culture.
I had problem with that and I think I have learned because I came to the united state, and it is helping me to understand and tolerate diversity.

Manip, J. M. (2009). Is Clinical Gestalt Good Enough. The Journal of Manual & Manipulative, 17(1):( ), 6a ???7.

Manip, J. M. (2009). Is Clinical Gestalt Good Enough. The Journal of Manual & Manipulative, 17(1):( ), 6a?†???7.

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