Critical Thinking Application Essay

The way one processes information is important to understanding one??™s response to it. The way the human mind works when evaluating a situation to come to a conclusion is considered thinking. Does this mean one is thinking critically Has the individual processed the entire situation and equated the most reasonable solution Questions such as these will be reviewed by the writer and answered with the definition of critical thinking. The author will also demonstrate a workplace scenario in which the critical thinking process was applied and the outcome of doing so.
Critical Thinking:
The Author will begin by defining critical thinking as listed in your dictionary. com as ???the contemplation processes used to evaluate data and the application of using such conclusions to direct actions??? (Dictionary). According to researchers, one makes decisions using the cortex named the lateral intraparietal in the brain (Medical News). Even though individuals use the same part of the brain to process a situation it is the critical thinking aspect of the person which dictates the possibility of success for the outcome. By using logic, fairness, accuracy, depth and intellectual integrity when evaluating information he or she is given allows the individual to remain objective. The aforementioned traits are the important key to the phrase ???critical??? in critical thinking. By not automatically accepting the soundness of information given and researching innovative solutions for issues are important elements to being a leader in business.
The first of the key elements needed in order for an individual to think critically in any situation is knowledge of the subject. Whether one already posses the knowledge or pursues the information in research it is necessary to understand the topic. Another factor that goes hand-in-hand with knowledge is the comprehension of the date researched. One must then be able to apply the acquired information in true business practice. A true critical thinker is then able to analyze the information and synthesis it into an original workable process. In the end one must be able to evaluate the outcome of the new process as it applies to the issue at hand and understand if the outcome is feasible.
After a description of the importance for an individual to think critically when making decisions it is easy to obtain that an individual needs these tools in a successful business environment. As a former employee of an information technology company (IT) and enlisted as a subject matter expert (SME) for the company, the author constantly used critical thinking in review of client processes. One such example applies to the clients??™ issue of transitioning the state to a managed care health care system. There were many issues surrounding the transition that were not foreseen by the company or the client but one of the major issues pertained to hospice care providers claims being rejected by the managed care providers. The situation was caused by the fact that the managed care systems guidelines for a member to receive hospice care were more stringent than the previous state mandates. By being a SME, the writer was able to pinpoint the issue in the newly thought of process by researching the expected outcome of the change and making changes to the current process to include the guidelines listed by the managed care organizations. By evaluating the scenario critically and organizing an applicable change the writer was able to salvage the transition by pinpointing what was missed in the planning stages of the change and correcting it.

In conclusion, it can easily be said that the critical thinking process is not the easiest way to process information but can definitely be the most beneficial. By thinking fairly, logically, accurately and intellectually one is able to make a positive decision in a crisis. When an individual possesses knowledge of the subject matter, comprehension of this information, and application of this knowledge while being able to analyze and synthesize while evaluating the outcomes to derive a particular action outside of the normal course of action. With the provided work example, the writer recounted a time when the ability to critically think saved the company time, money and possibly their client.

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